I was born 1984 in Barcelona. 

My mother is German and my father, Italian. He was the one who gave me this name. 

Fiama in Italian means flame.


My mother always used to say:


 "She was an earthquake! She was hard to stop, when she wanted something she did everything to accomplish it. She didn’t just play with anybody since she was very selective choosing her friends. She would rather be alone then being with someone she didn´t like."


With sixteen years I left school and started studying fashion design. I didn’t like school and every time someone asked me what I wanted to be when I am grew up, I never knew what to answer. But I knew that I wanted to leave school as soon as possible and do something. 

Since my parents divorced when I was 7 years old, I would spend every summer holiday in Germany with my aunt and uncle. My aunt was a fashion designer and I loved spending time in her studio and learn how to sew. Soon we discovered that I was very sensitive, creative and had a good eye. So I started looking for fashion schools and found one were they would accept me in this young age. Since my parents saw my determination and enthusiasm, they agreed and supported me.


After fashion school I worked for several fashion designers in Barcelona, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Berlin. In Berlin I lived for almost five years.

After a few years of experience in the fashion industry I started realizing that I was not happy. The more I saw and found out about this industry, the less I wanted to be part of it. The focus on the outside appearance, the exploitation of human beings and the contamination of the planet made me want to stop working in fashion. 

This is when I started a new journey in my life; on a personal and professional level. 

I moved back to my hometown Barcelona and short time later I went to Puna, India to study Yoga and Ayurveda cooking. This trip changed my life completely. 

The Yoga and the Ayurveda philosophy, which go together, seemed so logical to me and I was so happy to have found something that speaks to my heart. Finally I found something that corresponded me and I didn’t feel rare anymore.

My teacher in India was an Ayurvedic doctor who used Yoga as a part of his medical treatments. During three months I was his only student. He dedicated all of his time to share his knowledge with me and guide me through this important time in my life.

He taught me everything about Yoga and Yoga as medicine. As an Ayurvedic doctor he used Yoga as a therapy and part of his medical treatments; treating the human being in a holistic way and contemplating the human being as a whole: body, mind and soul. I also got the chance to learn about Ayurveda and Ayurveda cooking. I visited an Ayurveda Medical School and a Naturopathy Clinic which was founded by Mahatma Gandhi.

Since then I work as a Yoga therapist. I also teach Baby massage and give healing sessions.

Yoga gives me strength, flexibility and peace of mind I need to feel balanced and in harmony. It helps me to awake the consciousness in my whole body and mind. This helps me to know more about myself and be aware of what is happening inside and the outside.  


My highest priority is to take care, in the best possible way of the people and the environment. 

Clarity, respect and harmony are important for me.


Practicing Yoga regularly gave me the idea to create my own Yoga pants. Organic, eco-friendly and fare trade pants. Searching for organic fabrics I found an amazing company in Barcelona which produces 100% pure and natural cotton. From then Omuah was created… 




This means that the people who work for Omuah not only live and work in Barcelona, but they also work under fair conditions and are payed fairly.

I use pure organic cotton in its natural colors of the earth and try in the best possible way to use only organic materials, in complete harmony with the environment, and with the utmost respect towards the people who are involved in this project and those who wear the clothes.