Curry, red lentils & Yoga

Your heart beats higher with... Yoga & cooking, good music & dancing, loving people at a table with flowers and fine food. My heart is beating at most when all these things come together on one day ;)


You love to to cook - that´s the truth! And loud singing....mostly wrong.


Which 3 people facinate you? There are so many facinating people in the world of course in my near surrunding espacially woman they rock their daily life. And it is hardly to choose only three. Today I choose Mascha Kaléko, B.K.S. Iyengar and Felix Meyer


What character traits do you love about them? Mascha Kaléko as she puts her daily life into poems. And, of course, Guruji B.K.S Iyengar - his discipline, his passion and devotion to yoga. Felix Meyer for so many musicians who transform their thoughts into song lyrics and melodies.


What are your basic most important values? Passion and Dedication


What is ayurvedic cooking? Ayurveda is the knowledge of life. An ancient Indian naturopathy giving recommendations for a good life. The central theme is nutrition.

In Ayurveda every organism consists of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether). The elements are assigned different qualities from which they are composed. Vata stands for the elements air and space and brings everything in motion. Pitta is the fire and provides energy. Kapha is earth & water - all that nourishes us.

Everything around us is also within us. The goal is to bring all Doshas in harmony.

To cook Ayurvedic basically means to bring this harmony into the pot and then on the plate. Sounds complicated but it is not.


Why did you learn ayurvedic cooking? One of my guest at the Bitro Kiosk "Mademoiselle Inga" was an Ayurvedic doctor, after his lunch he came to me and told me "The taste of your food is fantastic and it seems you cook ayurvedic by nature and now you should learn why and how to make this with sense - that makes the diffrence!!!"  First I was a bit outraged, but Ayurveda has met me more often in my life, my interest was aroused, I have dealt ever more with the topic and then I start a training to the Ayurveda Chef.


What inspiires you to create new dishes? My kitchen accidents. I sometimes have to improvise, and good things come about. The most beautiful dishes arise because something goes wrong. And of course the people for whom I cook. I love watching cookbooks, beautiful pictures inspire me. I can do this for hours. And a Kitchen can also inspire me for new things. 


Did you always like to cook? It would be a lie if I said I would always like to cook, but as soon as I stand at the stove, the desire to cook. It is also nice not to cook. It must be good and tasty.


How do you combine Yoga and Ayurveda? One strengthens the other, you can not separate Ayurveda and Yoga. For example, at a weekend workshop, it is important that the yogis eat lightly. In the morning they should come easily to the mat, so I try to fire the Vata. At noon they are really heated and I cool them down. Not too much, because in the afternoon it continues on the mat.In the evening the vata, the air and the movement must come to rest, so it is my task to ground them. The yoga teacher makes theese tihngs on the sticky mat and I do this in the kitchen.


What do you like the most abou Yoga and Ayurveda? Ayurveda tells me who I am and yoga makes me feel it. 


What do you most value in your cooking events? I can enchant people with the things I do. That makes me proud and happy.


What do you want to give to the world? Tasty food with love and passion.  I allways told my guests, which think all the kitchenstuff is complicatet  "Take it easy, but do it" and I love to show them how they can do it. 


How did Ayurveda changed you life? Ayurveda helped me understand myself and other people.


Where did you teach yoga? I´m just in teacher training. I allready assit my teacher in Rostock . This is a great pleassure  for me and I´m very thankful.


Where did you cook? Where ever some want me to cook. My life is in Rostock, but I also travel with Groups and support them with fine yogi food. Fresh and easy.


Would you recommend us one of your favorite cook books? I love the books from Surdham Göb because all the things he do are done with heart and soul. The last one I bougth is "Vegan daily" and if you want something ayurvedic choose "Family kitchen" from Volker Mehl, he teaches in his books how easy it is to cook ayurvedic with mostly lokal things.


What do you like about Omuah? I love organic food. Omuah makes organic Yoga wear - it´s impossible not to like it. Short´s made with love and passion. Great!