Interview with Stefanie Grube

Your heart beats higher with? Nature, music, being still and listen.


You love to drink coffee and appreciate the beauty around me.


What is a thing you can talk about hours and hours? Coffee and how to prepare it right, literature - all kinds of books and authors, feminism and how women could support each other more.


Which 3 people fascinate you? Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Marina Abramovic 


What character traits do you love about them? All three of them live their passion fully - not only because they do what they love - but somehow they couldn’t do anything else better than what they do now. Even when the feedback was/is shallow, they take their strength to show up after falling down and they stand up again. And so they invented new music, new performances, new styles of life. The opposite is possibly what scares me most: People who don’t live their lives fully. Who take some bureaucratic or what ever borders they hit as excuses to not move forward. I don’t want to be scared by borders - but inspired by freedom.


What are your basic, most important values? To show up. Every single day. Even if you hit rock bottom. Fall down seven times, stand up eight.


What do you want to give to the world? Self-Empowerment, the strength to say the truth and stick to your values. To combine everything you do with trust and playfulness.


What inspires you? Beauty, literature, stories.


Where do you teach yoga? In Cologne, Germany, at Lord Vishnus Couch, and internationally I teach retreats and workshops.


What do you like the most about yoga? The ability to feel myself - totally in a holistic way. To sit and move with whatever there is - physically, emotionally and intellectually.


How has yoga changed your life? I don’t think anymore that life is all about struggling. That is a western concept that teaches you: you have to keep on struggling for EVERYTHING. That constant struggle brings you away from the moment, that life is right now - that it’s happening. It brings you away from the appreciation of the beauty around you - while you are concerned about the future. In my young twenties when I began to study and work as a journalist, I lived mainly in my future plans. I said to myself: You have to get the apprenticeship with this news television, THEN… And when I got it, the next thing would be on which I would run after. Oh gosh, how tiring….  I was concerned about everything and hoped instantly that things would go in the way I planned it. The eastern, yoga philosophy teaches you something different: There are ups and downs in life, probably in the same amount. Some struggles are real - but that is also life time. Both, ups and downs, are meant to be lived through fully. Breathe and walk through all of it, open your eyes for what and who is next to you -  and keep up the good work :)


Did yoga change the life of your students? If so they changed their lives by themselves through the teachings of yoga.


Where there moments when you doubted about yoga? Not one. It’s the same answer I give concerning my back tattoo :)


What do you like about Omuah? And do you visit us in Barcelona some

day? I love clothes that I can wear everywhere - I wear them during class but also in my free time. I love the Omuah shorts for that. And of course I want to wear clothes that have a good fingerprint for our nature. And I love Barcelona - who does not???

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